Rome Airport – Tram

There isn’t any tram which goes directly from Rome Airport to Rome city or the other way around. But there are a few tram lines that combined with Bus or Train can lead you to the Rome Airport and the other way around.

The Tram is usually a nice and clean transport. Despites it doesn’t drive within the very historic centre of Rome, it can be useful to get around certain points. Concretely, Rome Tram doesn’t move around the very city centre, so it can be useful just occasionally if you need to reach a certain point and you’re near a Tram station. There are 6 Tram lines in Rome:

- Line 2: Piazza Mancini – Piazzale Flaminio.
- Line 3: Piazza Thorwaldsen – Trastevere.
- Line 5: Giovanni Amendola – Piazza dei Gerani.
- Line 8: Torre Argentina – Trastevere.
- Line 14: Giovanni Amendola – Palmiro Togliatti.
- Line 19: Piazza Risorgimento – Piazza dei Gerani.

None of these lines touches a very turistic zone, probably the most interesting is the line 8, which connects Trastevere with the Largo di Torre Argentina.

Opening hours

Tram timetables in Rome are the same than Bus opening hours within the city, from 05:30h to 00:00h. During the night you can use also night buses


One-way ticket (BIT): it is valid during 75 minutes from its validation (with unlimited line changes). It costs 1,50€

Daily ticket (BIG): it lets you use all types of public transport from its validation until the same day at 00:00h. It costs 6€

Turistic 3 day ticket (BTI): with this ticket you can use unlimited public transport during the day of its validation and the next 2 days. It costs 16,50€

Weekly ticket (CIS): use of unlimited public transport during the day of its validation and the next 6 days. It costs 24€

Other tickets: if you are staying longer in Rome (for exampe living there for a while) you can take monthly or yearly tickets.